Sunday, July 24, 2011

M back

            First things first, my exams ended ages ago !! So that is not the reason for me being away from this blog.. There are a string of things I have been doing since college went on vacations and started again!

This vacation has been the best vacation so far for me.. 
Starting with my unexpected visit to Mangalore.. A cousin of mine got married this june! Everything was planned in a jiffy and I hardly had the time to gather myself from the lazy schedule I was having as soon as the exams ended..
Next on the list was an industrial trip to Goa.. It turned out to be a mini vacation which somehow packed in a 20 minute visit to the industry!!! 
I had a great time with my friends and this was the first time I was allowed to go out of town without family! So finally they thought I m mature enough to take care of myself! Progress on that front :P

During this period, I deactivated my facebook profile ( an effort to experience life as it was before facebook happened) , spent time on gmail, tweeted nonstop, wrote post after post on my creative blog One such story, commented on fellow bloggers' work and started contributing to a book review blog A lot of pages.

I eventually was back on facebook :) 
Exhausted all the tales spinning in my mind.. scheduled posts , waited for comments, felt spent after the series and I realise who much I love writing! 

College started and it was all about a new sense of bonding.. Goa did bring in some changes! 

Drug Information Association Students Chapter is having its seminar on 29th July.. Being a core member I have been busy being a part of organising it. Busy is the best way to escape yourself and I m just loving this feeling.. At least for the time being I don't have to think of other things.. Making this event a success is all I think of..

College, studies, practicals and friends leave little time for blogging and hardly any time to think of creative tales.. A story is playing on my mind.. A little thinking over will give it its final shape and then I will get back to writing it.. Till then Soul Stormers has my attention :)

By the way Proton is not happening.. I will try bringing in some writers to contribute to Soul Stormers :)

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Chef.Dro said...

good thing u keep yourself busy..
best way to escape..